The first live band I ever saw was Bon Jovi. Wembley Arena, December 12th 1988. The New Jersey Tour. I had all four of their records and they were brilliant.

Technically of course, this means that the first band I ever saw was Bon Jovi’s support act – Lita Ford, a blonde and lycra-clad one-time Runaway with a late 80s drive-time radio crossover hit in “Kiss Me Deadly”. I had all of her records too.

That was about the time I started dreaming that I might be a rock star some day. Before A-Levels, before University, before falling in and out of jobs I never planned for. Before realising that if you really want to be something then you need to work at it.

I soon gave up on the rock star dream but I kept seeing bands when I could, and by the time I was pushing 30, (living on my own, drinking too much and getting angsty about my life decisions and loneliness), I was seeing bands a lot. This all went on for a while.

I’m nearly 40 now, and – as I write this – I’m three months from marriage. My fiancée’s away on business, I’ve just bought a cheap photo album to hold all my ticket stubs, I’m sorting through them and I’m thinking that it’s time I wrote some of this down.

It’s not all of them, and it’s not in chronological order – I can’t even remember all the details. But this is how it goes.



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